Promise Pegasus 3 SE R8 32TB (8 x 4TB SATA) Mac Edition

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Pegasus3 Symply Edition Series

Pegasus3 Symply Edition Series s připojením Thunderbolt™ 3  zajistí neuvěřitelnou rychlost a výkon pro  HD a 4K video editaci.

Performance meets protection
HD or 4K (Ultra-HD) workflow environments create enormous amounts of content. In many cases, that content is irreplaceable, and in every case, the loss of content is not just inconvenient but costly - especially if you miss your deadline. Pegasus3 Symply Edition Series combines lightning fast speed and advanced RAID protection to ensure your work is safe and secure.

The perfect complement to the all-new MacBook Pro
The amazing all-new MacBook Pro from Apple deserves the finest Thunderbolt™3 RAID available. Pegasus3 Symply Edition delivers the capacity and performance engineered by the industry leader Promise, and ease of use and optimization of Symply, to make even the most demanding creative projects easy. With dual Thunderbolt™3 ports, expanding devices or adding dual 5K displays is fast and easy.

Configurations to fit any need
With 4, 6 and 8 drive configurations, from 12TB to 48TB, we have storage solutions to fit the unique needs of the production professional. Want more speed – use SSD drives, or adjust your RAID settings. Pegasus3 Symply Edition supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD.

Master 4K – edit, store or stream!
Experience the ability to seamlessly edit and stream HD or 4K (Ultra HD) content, while backing up those files at the same time! Thanks to the world’s fastest connectivity speed (40 Gb/s - double the speed of the previous generation), Thunderbolt™3 perfectly supports bandwidth-hogging, high-resolution workflows.

Unleash your creativity
Being away from the studio for a shoot doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the RAID protection or speeds of your SAN storage. You can take this compact, portable package almost anywhere. This makes it ideal for filmmakers, photographers, graphic designers and other multimedia professionals, especially on set – where speed matters, and everyone is charging by the hour!

Powerful Symply Storage Management Suite
Designed with the creative in mind, this intuitive suite of user-friendly storage management options makes it easy to set up and get right to work. No more drilling down to find what you need, or accidently changing something you shouldn’t have. We know you’re busy – so we’ve done the thinking for you. Manage your storage quickly from your Mac and monitor from iOS and even watchOS* (available soon).

Pegasus3 Symply Edition R8

• 8-Bay hardware RAID enclosure
• 48TB model offers highest capacity and
• Supports maximum throughput allowed by Thunderbolt 3 interface
• Expand storage capacity and backup for workstations.
• Supports simultaneous streaming, editing, and backup of 4K video
• Dual Thunderbolt ports for daisy-chaining
• Hot-swappable drive bays for effortless drive access and serviceability
• Massive storage capacity for backing up creative projects and digital libraries
• Essential to PROMISE’s end-to-end 4K workflow environment
• 1m 40Gb/s active Thunderbolt 3 cable included

• Form Factor 8-Bay hardware RAID enclosure
• Interface 2x Thunderbolt 3 technology ports (40Gbps)
• RAID Levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 JBOD
• Capacity 32TB (8x4TB)
• Dimensions Height: 12.2 in / 31.0 cm
• Width: 7.3 in / 18.7 cm
• Length: 9.6 in / 24.5 cm
• Weight 24.2 lb / 11 kg
• Warranty 3-year warranty

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